this is not a T raited game!!

I have never seen so much porn and vulgar language happen in a game until I played this after the PC launch! There is so much garbage that people put up during events that this game might not even pass for M rated.

on top of that is there any possible way to turn off area chat becue i want to stop playing just becuse of how bad its gotten!

Vulgar language? Is there a way to turn off the profanity filter?

Online interactions are not rated by the ESRB.

it's all the racial stuff and such that doesn't get flagged. and symbol art is not censored.

@PrinceBrightstar said in this is not a T raited game!!:

Online interactions are not rated by the ESRB.

Ah, the internet, you never cease to amaze.

You can turn off symbol art display in the options menu under chat settings. You can also change a few other chat related settings there.

@Ragnawind I wouldn't recommend doing this, however. people use symbol arts to explain tactics for UQs in quick pop ups. For example Dark Falz works best if you destroy each arm until he dies as this improves loot. Symbol arts are used to convey the order to destroy them.

If you encounter symbol arts you're not liking, report them. I know it feels like you'll be peeing into the wind, but it's the best option you have. That's just how the internet is!

I hardly see anyone talk, where can I find actively talking people?

Says right there: "Online interactions NOT rated by the ESRB"

Sega/Microsoft is not accountable for players being horny or racist, report them and/or turn off symbol chat.

Not that I disagree with your statement, but unless you have a young son/daughter playing the game, do we really give a fuck?

It's one thing to be raised in a christian family by a 60 year old mom & dad your whole life, but if you're a normal human being, I would think this is the least of your problems.

Its definitely a double edged sword of sorts. There are definitely things that make me cringe a bit or go "Oof! Wow!" But all in all it makes me laugh and I don't mind. In fact between the game itself and all this player debauchery is part why I love it so much. So in this sense I am more than ok with the trash players. At worst they are passing entertainment while I'm going about my business.


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