Character creation wasted money?

So, I'm a big dumb and spent 10$ on two new character slots expecting to be able to make 5 characters permanently. I decided to delete a character that I made as a meme, and once they finally disappeared 24 hours later, the game wants to charge me another 5$ to make another character... So, do you only have 3 slots at all times, and any time you want to make a new character after that, you are charged 5$, even if you've already paid up before?

You essentially purchase a character creation token, not a slot. The game warns you twice that if you delete a character, you lose your access to that slot permanently.

If you make 3 characters, and delete 2, you will be left with 1 character in 1 character slot. You will need to buy another.

It tells you when you delete a character at least that you will have to pay again if you want to make a new character.

Welp, guess I'm dumb. Thanks.