Turn off event music

I would love to see an option to turn off the event music, no offense but after a few minutes with the current event music I have to mute my tv when I’m in the lobby, and yes I know I can turn down the BMG but I just want and option to turn off event or revert the event music

Rather would be cooler if the devs would allow us to choose our music and have an option to choose our tracks, after a while it gets monotone and doesn't bring up something new and catchy...no offense New to the game anyways.

It's a good song.

I'm more wondering how many Global players even know what Sakura Wars is. It's nice we get the collab though- make no mistake.

@MoldyAsp33874 considering that they remade it recently more than you expect now if is those who know and saw the original Sakura Wars not that many

@MoldyAsp33874 said in Turn off event music:

I'm more wondering how many Global players even know what Sakura Wars is. It's nice we get the collab though- make no mistake.

Many, there is also an anime.

from wikipedia:

The first official English release in the Sakura Wars series is So Long, My Love, which was translated by NIS America in collaboration with Red Entertainment and Idea Factory. The dub was produced at Bang Zoom! Entertainment, and included actors from NIS America's localization of the Disgaea series. The team also included the Japanese voice track in the PlayStation 2 version, with a dedicated translation which preserved the original character names being created for it.The localization took two years to complete, becoming NIS America's largest localization effort to date. For the 2019 reboot, Sega brought on Yakuza 0 translators Inbound Games to localise the game. The localised version uses the Japanese audio with subtitles in other languages.

plus, I already know that franchise from a long time, I thing many other global users know it

@MoldyAsp33874 It did get a new game released recently and which had a Global release as well (simply titled "Sakura Wars" outside of Japan).

@Michelle there are 2 animations, the original Sakura Wars that the game are spin-offs and the new rebooted that the animation is a continuation of the story of the game

I agree...

If not by Sakura Wars, but for any future event that might play Samba de Amigo in the future.

Trust me. You DON'T WANT that on repeat

That song is forever ingrained in my mind given it was the song that was playing when I first joined PSO2 on the JP version. I believe its mainly used for the Easter event so... we got some time before that song forever loops through the lobbies... though having E.G.G.M.A.N. play during the Easter UQ kinda makes up for it to me at least heh xD