I am sorry. This game looks like it could be awesome but it is unplayable. My pc was beyond fine for PSU - never any lag of any sort. When in a mission; my guy moves like he's in a perpetual tarpit. And the attacking -- ugh I'm sorry I picked a bouncer! He seems to skate thru the enemies often then I'm looking at nothing. Because the attacks take too long to register and a double button hit causes mayhem. Why can't the damn camera just follow where the character is looking??? Sorry again for the brief rant. But it seems like the first couple ARKS missions shouldn't take over an hour to complete. I think I'm out. Good luck all.

when I remember correctly, you can play in 3rd person by tapping a button, but then you will have to aim for yourself at enemies, which makes Melee ...kinda odd.

Lock on works wonders.