ship 2 not letting users login

can't get in ship 2 on xbox one. I have 1 character and its on that server. Just says disconnected from server.

Does it say Full on the ship? If so, you can't log in until people log out.

It said on my screen, the block i was trying to access does not exist. Aand now im stuck at the "Authenticating ID" screen, for about 10 mins now.

Yeah I'm a little frustrated too cause since the pc crowd merged in the servers are constantly full and I cant play

This is really stupid. How do they not have an auto-logout feature in this game... So many people in ship 2 are just AFK in the laggy lobby.

I agree so many people just sitting there

I want to play my character I made yesterday -.- How about a limitation of players depending on character creation and server size?

This post is deleted!

guys there are only 10 blocks open on server2 atm the rest shit a brick aka Crashed