Controller Problems

I'm trying to connect my nintendo switch pro controller but it does not work, how can I fix that?

I'm not too familiar with binding a Switch controller to PC, however I will say that PSO2 NA's PC version has had, on rare occasions, issues concerning gamepad support. Sometimes when launching the game it just simply will refuse to detect any gamepad being used and the only solution I had found was to restart my PC and hope that, on that restart, the game detects the gamepad.

@Leonkh99 ah i see was it connected with Bluetooth or with USB cable?

@LonelyLoner My controller is an Xbox 360 style controller plugged to my PC using a USB port.

@LonelyLoner Yeah any usb controllers will work. Also helps if you want to go over to program, and settings, and fix your controller setups from windows.

@ERICK001BC windows as in the game or the computer it self?

I have windows 7 so for me it is Windows, PC settings, and Devices and Game controllers. On my work Windows 10 it looks like its Wondows, PC setting and Gaming. I looked at Devices but all i see is USB and Bluetooth. You can try and syn your controller to your pc if it allows you. I know for my Bluetooth SNES controller I still had to buy the USB Bluetooth adapter, but my PC is a lot older than my work.

@LonelyLoner NP, hope it works.

What kind of controller does it appear as in your devices? Are you using any middleman software to make it appear as an Xbox 360 controller? I have a PS4 controller and PSO2 seems to not recognise it despite the JP version having PS4 controller support. The game also blocks DS4Windows if you try to enable it after the game is running. Running it before turning the game on gets it to work though.

It's possible if you're using controller software, the launcher is blocking it.

You can use steam pro controller driver in big picture mode, it emulates Xbox controller input.

@Hb-Spartan-4 doesn't that need to have the game in steam library. I tried adding the game in steam library but the game refuses to open.

@Linkage-Ayexe it says pro controller

I'm having a similar problem right now, except with a Logitech F310 controller. It was working fine the first few days, but it suddenly stopped being detected by the game. I checked other games and it worked in them, but it's just not working in PSO2 for some reason. Does anybody have a clue on how to possibly fix it?