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When Open Beta, comes around will my team and I be able to choice our ship and transfer our team to the ship of our choosing?

You can not move ships freely. You need to pay to move. Same as on jp as far as im aware

@Meta77 said in Open Beta:

You can not move ships freely. You need to pay to move. Same as on jp as far as im aware

They might be willing to offer 1 free ship transfer since only 2 ships were open during the CBT, like how they gave a free name change since they auto assigned names.

Teams are harder, though. Not sure how that would work.

I know that much, played PSO2 JP for 6 years, but since they didn't open all ships I want to know if they have any details yet on what they plan to do about transfers and teams that have been built

need a date for open beta WORLD WIDE 😄 🎯

For the pso2 beta my friends and i picked server (ship) 1 but when the full-game comes out will we be able to play on server (ship) 3 with the same characters?

Characters are locked to a ship (server) unless you pay 700 AC (at least on JP, prices may be different for NA) to change. And even then, the changes don't take effect immediately but instead is scheduled to happen at a later maintence period when purchased.

Maybe we will all get one free server switch when it officially gets released if players initially wanted to be on a different ship number so they don't have to start over. Otherwise probably the pay option frkm what I have read so far.

Players may have had plans with friends to choose ship 2, but with the way the beta launched (1 server open), a lot of people who really wanted to play immediately decided to go to ship 1 even if they had originally planned to play on ship 2. And then their friends who may have logged on later stuck with the plan and went to ship 2. So now they are split and don't want to start over.

With a situation like that, I do think it would be fair to give players the option to change ships for free at least once at launch.

Thankfully most of my friends aren't in that situation though. We chose ship 1. Feoh4Life