overpopulation lag....maybe open more ships up?

I think they may want to at least open up ship 4 to alleviate some of the overpopulation currently happening - it's to the point where just running around - for example the gate area or the shopping area - you suffer lag - on ship 2, don't have characters on other ships so wouldn't be able to speak for them, but I suspect not much better - maybe offer free ship transfers for those who are willing to go to the newly opened ship if they do open it to incentivise the population to even out a little, at least for people with possibly higher level characters, or that maybe spent money on their character already - and don't allow for transfers between the currently full ships - that wouldn't help solve anything so it would be pointless to allow at this time - just some thoughts on ways to get people to jump ship - literally lol - and a hopeful prayer that they notice this and try to resolve it before it drives away some people due to simple frustration at the server population being so flooded - which at least on ship 2 - only ship I'm on as I said - is the case - it is flooded lol. I mean the game seems to be being recieved really well - and I at least want it to do well - so just something I felt should be brought up sooner rather than later in hopes of preserving that good will people seem to have for pso2.

I cant even get into ship 2 anymore and I'm on Xbox one. Keeps saying disconnected from server.

Same issue here, can't even complete more than 1 mission before dropping

which is why I suggested opening up at least another ship or two and offering short term free transfers to other ships as a possible solution - after all no one wants to go to a new ship and have to do EVERYTHING over from scratch - much less if they already spent real money on things like character storage or inventory space - never mind AC scratches - being able to bring your character whole sale over to a new ship would at least somewhat disarm some people from having a problem with jumping over - and opening up those new ships would also allow new joiners to have someplace that has a population - but isn't stuck in the midst of such a flood that the dam is breaking - kind of like ship 2 is right now - they need to be PRO-ACTIVE here - getting into it right now instead of waiting until people just say the heck with it due to simple frustration -if they were to at least open up the new ships it would be something - anything - and maybe post that "hey we understand the frustration - we completely underestimated this - we are working on solutions please be patient" or something like that - it would placate people and buy them some time to work on it without the madness that is people getting pissed at them.