How do you find out the Window Login?

when creating my PSO2 account I was forced to make a Microsoft login name, how do I find out what that was ?Since I assume I'm going to need that if I want to add a package to my account.

It is your loggin to the microsoft store

it isn't though, the store snagged my old data from when I owned an Xbox 10 years ago. So its not sync'd with the randomly generated one they gave me when I logged in, and since it was launch I was in a hurry and didn't write it down.

have you tried looking for the password from the browser settings?

So thats the problem. 10 years ago I had an Xbox, with an Xbox login....I haven't owned one since so didn't care to remember useless information for 10 years. So it auto logged me into my old account, the one you see me posting from here, some how it pulled it out of thin air, but when I was downloading PSO2 it forced me to create a NEW login, and I had no idea what my old one was, so took one of the pre-made ones and went on with my day......

So now everything is associated with this login, but that is not what PSO2's info was....THAT is the info I need, not what Microsoft has me logged in as from 10 years ago.

I mean it made it up for me, logged in on it when I downloaded the game and has never used or informed me of that information ever since. And since I want to buy the Sonic Edition package, I need to be able to associate it with my account to get the package I would assume?

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Can you login to the Xbox Console Companion App with your account? If so, check to see if Phantasy Star Online 2 appears there. If so, it probably just upgraded the old account to a new Microsoft Account. If that is the case, you should be able to just buy it. Otherwise, you can apparently push the tab button on the title screen to change accounts. Try logging in to your Microsoft Store account from there, if you haven't made much progress, at least, in-game.