Fun Article: First Impressions: Phantasy Star Online 2’s technical clownshow mangled its PC launch

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"I am not unfamiliar with how to make games work, or buggy launchers, or early download issues. These are things that suck, sure, I hate having to dive into directories and rename a file or two to make stuff work, but… you know, it happens. It’s a problem that can arise.

So when I say that PSO2 is in a class by itself, I want it to be entirely clear that this is something next-level. This is probably the worst sort of launch installation experience I’ve ever had. And it has a pretty clear culprit."

Well, the article is devastating enough to actually scare new players away. PSO2 was just slapped in a "Store"-wrapper, completely unaware how PSO2 is designed and that's why it breaks.