i guess they dont want money outside NA.

so, i mennaged to download the game, but i wanted to get a skin, but due to being outside the NA, i cannot buy anything from the microsoft store that isent available regionly here.

also, please consider a steam release, you have a few other games that are windows store/xbox games so it should not be an issue, just make sure the launcher redownload modified files if anyone try to make and obligitory nude mod or something.

They don't want money at all apparently, with the way things are going.

@BloodKitten28 You can work around this: Get an Xbox gift card in the value you want in USD. Make sure it's in USD! Then set your Store to US Region like you did to get the game. Next redeem the code. Once redeemed you can use your store credit to buy the items you want. You MAY need to enter an address on the MS Accounts page to a random place in the states. Some people seem to need to, some people don't. I'm one of the few who didn't.

I've been using this method since the Xbox launch.

@LilPika Tried this with Amazon just now. Puts the digital gift card in the Cart, then removes it when proceeding to checkout with a line saying "Some items were removed from the Cart".

@LyoteSharaia If you have a US friend ask them to just give you code via the official MS store or something (after you pay them back of course 😉 ). You can also try PlayAsia, which is where most people I know go. Just search for "Xbox USD" and then select the amount you want.

Amazon is a PITA for buying USD cards.

Let me know if it works!

Is the 'nude mod' thing a meme or something?

Seen it mentioned a few times, but the concern seems so GTA San Andreas 2004.

@BloodKitten28 There are ways around it. Amazon and Mircrosoft are aware of the work around and have been closing and not allowing players to do it. Again you can get someone from here to gift it to you.

@Nersius I mean.. it exists out there on the internet but... there's also easier options out there on the internet too.

@LilPika Do you know how to PlayAsia want to sell it then? I'm having just as much issues with PlayAsia as Amazon...

@Kitsumo Interesting~ I've never used it myself, I just know a good chunk of my friends do. The way I do it is to go via a US friend and get a code from her.

If you know anyone in the states, might be worth reaching out to them. Good luck!

Sadly, I have no American friends or acquaintances whatsoever. I'll try to see if I know someone who knows someone. Thank you for the help though!

@LilPika PlayAsia gives the following error: We regret to tell you that we cannot continue with your order as the item you are trying to buy is restricted.

Also, i managed to acquire a USD card from elsewhere, but the MS Store returns the error: This code is for another region Take it back where you got it and see if you can get one for your region.

So yeah, looks like they're reaaaaally trying to prevent cross region purchases for whatever reason.

Also just a piece of advice for those buying stuff outside the US. Use the Microsoft phone app. you only need to change the region and language in your settings, restart the app. Then go the Microsoft store, add a gift card, and then buy what you want to use. Didn't even ask for a US address. It's a lot easier, and might save some of you some hassle.

Hope that helps! Just snagged the Ragol set myself. 😄

@Nerzarn Can confirm, Thank you immensely lol.

This phone app is called "Your Phone Companion - Link to Windows"?