No sound

Is it just me or anyone else is having the same problem?

I have the same problem I just installed the game everything seems fine but it does'nt have any sound. Tried disabling third party sound management software in my case Sonic Studio III since I had problems with it in the past with some games, same issue. I will try other steps and post my findings.

I fixed mine, I uninstalled Sonic Studio 3 and Enabled Realtek Audio. I also had to uninstall some programs because the there wasnt enough space for the game.

Thats not a solution

I just installed the game and i cannot get sound either? Is there a solution to this? Im about to uninstall the game for good.

Do all of you have a secondary output? Stereo Mix, or a laptop/integrated speaker? Or even a "listen" jack for a USB Microphone? if so, I'd recommend disabling all of them. If you absolutely need Stereo Mix for recording audio on videos you make, then you aren't using OBS, which can capture actual desktop audio rather than needing to use Stereo Mix.

In addition, are any of you using any sort of "Call" program like Skype? (Not Discord.) If so, Windows has a feature that lowers the volume of applications when using those programs.

My headset software (iCue) and Windows both updated on Thursday and ever since I feel like the sound quality has dropped. Things are quieter, the pitch of many sounds has been much higher to the point of headaches, some things sound muffled etc. Not sure if this is me or not because other games and Youtube videos seem to be fine from what I can tell.

If you go into your volume mixer and see a program with two sets of sliders in one slider (with one slightly more transparent) it means Windows is artificially lowering the volume of that due to a program it thinks is a voice program.

First of all, there is no second slider. Second even if there was that wouldn't effect the pitch/quality issues. Most likely one of the two updates screwed things up and I have to get a new headset.

Just installed the game via Steam and there's no sound. Tried re-installing, and still no sound. Any thing I can do or check? Per dxdiag I have DirectX 12 and Audio Driver (c/o Realtek) are updated. Need help please.