How long does it take Support to service a 2nd password reset?

Hello everyone,

Started playing a few days ago and noticed that when trying to access the market, I need a 5 number pin. I never had one set up and reading around you are supposed to be prompted to make one.

I tried using reset password, but it says it cannot due to given environment.. 0862d5dd-9c61-4e7e-8fac-b838cbb19185-image.png

I submitted a ticket as it said try issuing a reset from support page. How long does it take for them to respond? For some reason thought this would be more self-service-able...

Has been some time without a response on the ticket. Can I please get assistance for a 2nd password reset? Not having market access is incredibly inconvenient. I would rather self-service it but in game doesn't allow for it as the above image states.

Request ticket 39756 if this helps at all? @GM-Beemo @GM-Beppo @GM-bill @GM-Bleed @GM-Cheezpuff @GM-Cinder @GM-Deynger @GM-Hamed @GM-JJDragon @GM-Kchan

I was able to receive a response after pinging, so apologies I will do this again. @GM-Beemo @GM-Beppo @GM-bill @GM-Bleed @GM-Cheezpuff @GM-Cinder @GM-Deynger @GM-Hamed @GM-JJDragon @GM-Kchan

It has past 24 hours of the given time a 2nd password would be assisted with. Can you check on request ticket 39756 please?

Hi, thank you for bringing this up. I will pass this along to the relevant department.

@GM-Bleed can i have help too i dont know my second password either

Your request (42025)


Thank you. I was really hoping to have market access before Saturday came. It still looks like I do not have access.

This would be much simpler if the change/reset password was usable in-game.

@GM-Bleed is there any way I can get in on this 2nd Password reset? request (46532) I wrote My password down when I created it, and the game keeps telling Me its incorrect, and I have the above as ShiorinStudy, and would like to be able to able to receive the gifts My wife got for Me in game...

@GM-Beemo its been like 3 days without any response i would like to reset my 2nd password too :c Your request (56032)

been waiting for a password reset haven't gone through yet if i can get some help please! Your request (62111)

@GM-Beemo i had a request too i sent it 20 hours ago Your request (63083) help would be very appreciated

some people are reporting it can take up to a month, not sure if they're exaggerating or not. How are you guys even forgetting your 2nd password so badly to enter it wrong 10 times in a row to begin with though? It's no surprise the system thinks you're someone else/trying to break into the account/etc.