[SHIP 2] XBOX/PC: P L A T I N U M recruitment

Welcome to the New Alliance of PSO2s finest! Why settle for less, when you can be the best!

We are welcoming the merger of XBOX/PC with an alliance built for the progression of both New and Old players!

Looking for an alliance where you can sit in the lobby and have a good time, we do that! Or maybe your into end game content whether it be EQs, AQs, UQs, Suzie Qs or plain ole Boss farming! This is definitely the place for you!

Whatever your pleasure, P L A T I N U M Alliance has got your back!

Join our Discord page for Alliance invite: https://discord.gg/pHvfuKk (Bare with us as we, build our Discord page)


With P L A T I N U M being a new Alliance, I am currently searching for ACTIVE and reliable leaders willing to uphold officer positions. Your responsibilities will include in game Moderation, Discord Moderation and Maintenance, making yourself available to all alliance members for help. These positions come with many in game benefits into which will be determined by productivity.

P L A T I N U Ms Incentive Program: (Applicable to PSO Premium members)

P L A T I N U M is a for its member organization!

Refer a friend Program:

Step 1-

Get a friend to join P L A T I N U Ms Discord

Step 2-

Have that friend join our Alliance in game

Step 3-

Message me “VoX” in game or on Discord, to receive: 1 Random AC Scratch item (includes high market items)

P L A T I N U M Fashion:

Think your our best dressed member? Upload your characters fashion to our Discord page for a chance to win our monthly fashion contest!

(Prizes determined at the time of contest)

Sincerely yours, VoX

Hi! @IR-IAI-MI hoping someone joins your alliance and have a great adventure with your team. Keep bumpin! 😊