allow this program to make changes to your computer?

The game works completely fine but every time i start it from Microsoft store and hit play i get prompted with this. “allow this program to make changes to your computer?” And i hit yes it works just fine but I accidentally hit no and now the game won’t start at all. I hit play and nothing happens. This is the second time this has happened. To fix it the first time i had to reinstall it. Anyone know how to fix this?

got the same problem i accidentally hit no while i was typing something and pressed "Enter" to send it, just when i hit "Enter" that prompt showed up and registered the "No" -.-

Now the Game does not start anymore when pressing Play through Microsoft Store/XBox Win10 App nor Desktop Icon.

hopefully anyone knows what to do, im sick of constantly reinstalling the Game and it taking more and more Space

the exe of the game is registered to require approval to run so that's why it keeps asking for approval in order to work, you can remove that requirement going to the directory of the game but considering that you need to change the ownership to you and it can make the game stop working better to just deal with the approval

i know but the problem is after i did the "No" thing accidentally it never shows up anymore when trying to start, and it doesnt start. but only with this game i never had that before..

normally when i click "no" it just doesnt start as supposed to be but when i open it a second time the prompt comes up again and i click "yes" and it starts, but with pso2 once you click "no" one time it never shows up again and always registers as if you would press "no" like as if it remembered it when you did it the first time. doesnt matter if you run as admin through right click either.

This Game ist just a buggy mess its mindblowing, it took me 9 hours of figuring out how to fix all these errors issues until i was able to play, now i cant play again..

@EibeCoLd literally same issue i am having. and now when trying to uninstall i can't. it's a whole mess trying to uninstall the game.

Gonna try a couple of things, will keep you updated on if i was able to fix it.

I think this is what happened to me as well.. First time I installed and patched and loaded up the game it worked fine, when I came back a few hours later and launched it again I got that stupid message so I closed it out and went to turn off UAC in Windows settings. When I tried to launch again even the launcher wouldn't open, so I uninstalled everything and reinstalled it. After reinstalling the launcher opens and it patched up again, but when I hit play the launcher closes and the game doesn't open at all.

once i figured out how to fix it i will delete this mess of a game and never install it again im so done with it. not even the devs or support do shit about all these problems, not to mention the mess microsoft store does with dead space in your hdd/ssd

@EibeCoLd said in allow this program to make changes to your computer?:

once i figured out how to fix it i will delete this mess of a game and never install it again im so done with it. not even the devs or support do shit about all these problems, not to mention the mess microsoft store does with dead space in your hdd/ssd

That happened to me too when i misclicked and pressed 'No". I just did a comp restart and everything launched fine afterwards. Did it solve your issue?

no i did restart and also a turn off and on, the UAC never shows up anymore as i already said as if it saved the "No" Option forever.

@Smo0thCrimnal You lucky dog. I tried turning off then turning back on my computer but still nothing.

Okay so i was able to get rid of it through windows app manager, then after creating and changing multiple admin related things i was also able to get rid of the backup shit (people here refer to it as dead space).

God im glad im done..

But i got no fix for the UAC shit for any of you i tried multiple stuff nothing worked..

Even tho i dont want this mess of a Game on my PC anymore, im trying to install it again and see if the UAC works again, and let you know. Will probably take 2 Hours until i finished downloading everything and another 20-30minuts to repair (to get rid of the errors) + reupdate, then i can tell ya.

Good luck. I've been running this stupid "Repair" thing for over an hour now with no sign of it finishing or even doing anything. Pretty much expecting to either have to patch the game for another 2 hours when it finishes or just for it to not work anyways. Good chance I will be deleting everything and forgetting this game ever existed because this has been a massive waste of time for what's essentially a re-release of a game that's already been out for almost 10 years.

I'd like to shout out a thank you to SEGA and Microsoft for this reminder that AAA studios are just as prone, if not more likely, to botch their games than small indie studios. So thank you for showing the rest of the world that even those in the spotlight can be massive failures.

i had to do the Repair thing about 7 times yesterday before i was able to play because i was one of the few first people that tested stuff out and told everyone in forum and twitter how to fix stuff, well with the UAC thing even i was at a loss

anyway.. its mindblowing what microsoft did with this store..its not even the fault of the pso2 devs since this Security stuff is the cause of most of the errors and that happend on many games from Microsoft Store.

Okay so about the UAC stuff it will be back once you reinstalled the game that what some friends told me that had the same problem..

For everyone that had same problem as Thread-Owner and me.