Welp stuck with a broken game.

Cant even delete files in windows app for it refuses to change ownership from System. It just grays out when click change. Cant even uninstall program files or apps. Before an Idiot tells to change ownership. It only works on Windowapp folder but doesn't work for any Sub-Folder.

@KaberialLeingod said in Welp stuck with a broken game.:

Before an Idiot tells to change ownership

Good luck.

@KaberialLeingod I got it to work after SEVERAL tries, and finally got all the corrupt bullshit off my machine in Mutable and MutableBackup...I think. No way in hell though am I even going to bother trying to install again.

Welp restarting computer helps. Must gain ownership for every folder in the Mutable back up. The main game folder in WindowsApp is corrupted and will not let you change ownership will delete itself after restart. Dont even know how I am the only one in my group of friends that has this problem and they're playing it like no problem.