Overflowing inventory? What you do with all the items?

What you usally do with all the items, are they needed for anything or the only way to work with it is to trash them all?

If you ain't going to use the weapon or armour to upgrade your current one (And honestly if it's < at least 12 stars you don't want to) just sell 'em. We don't have crafting yet so you can't even break 'em down. Just get rid. Anything that's not a healing or buff item you probably want to keep in your bank. But most weapons and armour, unless it's an upgrade, just trash it.

You can prob just use looted items up to about lvl 50. Then get a weapon from the red shop, second floor right side. Then run SHs with your buds to load up on the special currency, upgrade your gear from there and then you'll work on the rare hunting and upgrading.

Keep anything else, like Grinders and the like. Keep a full stock of buffs and heals on you at all times too unless you regularly play with or as a force.

I'm level 7 and I'm already out of space in the inventory 😄

@Chiryuu2609 Your inventory itself should just be your gear and your healing items (and gathering gear if you're doing that but I doubt you are at level 7). Anything else you should be banking or selling 🙂

@LilPika so I should just ignore all the items that are getting dropped?

I just upgrade everything without using resources. Meseta is very easy to get back.

@Chiryuu2609 Nono, you can bank things remotely. Just select it from your inventory and select "Deposit to storage", make sure you use the disks, etc. Whenever you go back to the ship, just be sure to clean up your inventory.

You can use weapons and discs to upgrade your MAG, would advise checking a guide on how to do this though.