cant uninstall, repair, update permissions, or start game

So I'VE TRIED EVERYTHING. The game wont launcher wont even open. Microsoft store keeps going to download but nothing is downloading. Repairing doesn't work or even start nor does uninstalling. This is literally ransom wear. At this point I need to pursue a refund and or file a claim somewhere as not only is it holding harddrive space hostage but has scammed me out of my hard earned money. I tried the whole file permissions thing which is such a lame excuse for a fix, I shouldn't have to to go through this much just to make it work.

find the WindowsApp file and change ownership from TrustedInstaller to whatever your Microsoft account/local user admin is, as well as the sub files/folders. you'll be able to manually delete everything in the Oxyna folder after you do that if you've already managed to uninstall that "fake" 11GB that it shows in program files(most likely the patcher launcher) and problem solved. The glorious idiots that be who call themselves developers(and microsoft) have yet to say anything about this, and it's been an issue for at least the last 10-12 hours. Make sure it is NOT the "hidden" windows app file. (I installed my game on a separate drive than the OS, so it created a different windows app file that isn't hidden. Still have to transfer ownership with that file, but it's not the same as deleting the actual windows app file).

well now the issue is that its reinstalled the files and its downloading the launcher again, taking up even more space.

@MasterofArms117 Just FYI this issue is on the Halo collection too. MS store is terrible...

After deleting appx. 100 GB of failed installations PSO2 files and emptying recycle bin, my SSD gained back 5 GB. I wonder where those 95 GB.

I did a system restore dated yesterday, but that did not rectify the issue. I also tried CCleaner, but it only deleted 4 GB of miscellaneous files. After restarting my PC, the Microsoft Store (and other Windows programs like calculator, xbox companion, photos, etc.) does not launch. A white window pops up for half a second, then disappears for any of the aforementioned.

Anyone have any other ideas on how I can get the storage back and get windows software to function again?

I installed the game on a separate SSD than the OS is installed, so it created a secondary WindowsApps file for me. The actual one is still under C\program files\WindowsApps on my end, and I don't have access to that, but it's size remains consistent both before my original install of the game, and after. The other SSD is the one that lost 11GB of space on initial download for client patcher, and then the 58 for patch updates. I got all of that space back when I gained ownership of the 2nd WindowsApps file and deleted the Oxyna folder with everything else in it that had to do with PSO2. What irritates me the most, is how slow things download from Microsoft Store. 100Mbs, and it downloads at like 2Mb/s the whole time. That's on Microsoft's end. They need to get their s*** together.

And PS, this computer is only a week and a half old, I just built it.