pc beta?

Can any staff confirmed or deny if there will be beta for pc or just beta for xbox u know make sure things gets fix form pc pso2 jap pc copy to na rel.

The GMs / twitter / staff / news pages anywhere have not confirmed anything, so we can't say if there will be a PC Beta (IE: Open Beta) or not.

Always good to post on forum just in case i seen there no info yet i going guess there no date planed or they dont know yet. i fig i ask

(Twitter) alt text

Still not being totally clear, but better mean you're about to welcome us(open beta etc). ლ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°ლ)

It continues to amaze me that folks go to all the trouble of setting up a website, with news, forums, etc. and post all the information that people are clamoring for elsewhere.

Some of us do not use twitter, will never.

To this day, I think the founder of twitter is laughing at all the twits. 🙂 (since twit is so obviously the word for "user of twitter") 🙂

@RocKiee-Kyrosu I hope since spring is basic starts in 44 days like next month still don't know if early spring mid or late spring an will open beta last longer then 2-3 days like closed beta? Wait an see i guess.

The PC client doesn't exactly need a beta test at this point. It's more or less the same code the Japanese version has been using for 8 years, just connecting to a different server.

As far as Open Beta goes, we'll just have to wait and see. If it follows the game's precedent in Japan, Open Beta will basically just be a soft launch 1-2 weeks before the official launch.

@Ilúvatar There are few ppl that played jap one hoping few things that was wrong with jap copy gets fix for na pc rel but then again i am not one of thos ppl the seen anything wrong even if i played jap copy for while then quit when i found out about na rel

"Sometime this spring" in devspeak usually means the week after Jun20th at the earliest. 🙂

I'm curious about when and how I'll be able to start playing PSO2, and can't find an option to download and join the beta on PC. Is the beta only on Xbox?

Is there a timetable for the game launching on PC? Will I have to go through the Windows 10 Xbox App on PC to download and play PSO2?

Thanks for any responses.

The beta that happened was a limited time Closed beta for Xbox Insiders, which is now over. There was no PC beta yet, They have confirmed it's coming to Steam for PC but no date when. There is also no date when Open beta is going to happen, which is the next step. Could be a few weeks from now, or a month. No one knows if PC will happen during Open Beta or not. As of now, even if you go onto the site that says you can, you cannot since the Closed Beta is over. And since it is, you cannot download it from the martket place for now and will have to wait until Open Beta, whenever that is. So yeah, the game is not live right now.

The most recent pc news i'm aware of:

PC release in spring: https://twitter.com/play_pso2/status/1213892177224318976

PC probably joining in the open beta: https://twitter.com/play_pso2/status/1226556782471892992

Thanks for the responses. Glad they have the sense to launch on Steam, since that'll be a HUGE volume of players and a LOT of Steam Wallet funds getting funneled to the game.

Looking forward to joining once it goes live!

i dont see why they are being so secretive about it honestly. you would think an industry veteran would know the value of planning... but sega.

@MEGAF1UX M8 its not that simple bugs can be easy or a pain to fix. You cant just go like 30bugs = 30days of work i wish it worked like that but sadly it doesn't. Making sure they can meet a deadline is key because people will go insane if there are delays of any kind.

Giving out dates for the sake of pleasing the community then rushing to meet that deadline and releasing a broken product has almost always ended in disaster. SEGA and industry veteran knows and fully understands this.