Should I even attempt to reinstall the game again?

Was thinking of trying on a different drive... But I'm super hesitant I'm going to end up having to brute force remove the game off my system again. My game just broke, it never ended up duplicating itself like many others.

No, just wait. If it doesn't work, nothing you do will fix it. There's literally no cases of people fixing it and being able to play, those who could, the next morning after shutting down the game or booting off the PC found that the game was no longer installed.

No, we're all probably better off not touching a download link for this game ever again, unless it comes to a different platform.

If you can download the game completely or til the very end then uninstall your virus protection. It worked for several of my friends.

Turns out the app is broken on the MS Store. It's telling me I own the game already, and "something happened on our end" is what MS is telling me. Currently restoring my system to yesterday.

I can't even stop the download now, even if I restart my computer it just hangs at 952MB trying to download. never downloading but never not downloading.

Likely no. My game deleted itself twice. I was lucky that both times the game took itself off my programs so I didn’t have to try to delete manually.

If microsoft could just fix the damn "self-delete after every boot", we could find ways around it. But as it is, I highly doubt it. I'm just downloading the 11BG part of it and not launching it to see if that also "self-deletes". I'll commit no breathe if even that happens.

Edit: After shutting down my laptop, checking the Mutable/Oxyna file where the launcher is located, it seems like it is still intact. Double checking it, I also check the MutableBackup and didn't find any file in there. So the launcher doesn't commit no breathe.

Edit2: Being paranoid and testing only shutdown, I also tested for restart and lo and behold, the launcher is still intact. Still in Mutable/Oxyna and nothing in the MutableBackup.

And no, I did not try to execute the launcher in both tests. Try at your own risk cuz I'm waiting for a patch.

tbh at this rate if no fix from ms so far ppl gunna quit before even start includes me i have limited internet and i will never download 70gb again so its bye for me even tho its sad but i cant do anything and ms just killing pc version and they didnt even bother to announce about this issue and its not a small one its affecting so many