Ship 1, Block Unknown

Urgent Quest: The Raging Obsidian Arm

Time of Occurrence: Roughly 8:40pm to 8:45pm EST

Player: Azurael

During the UQ Obsidian Arms me and 11 other players took a whack at the Super Hard difficulty two times. The first time we tried the fight there were a multitude of what seemed to be latency and connection issues culminating in enemies teleporting around during the first, and registering their hitboxes in odd places. We still managed to complete the urgent quest, but upon completion a multitude of problems appeared.

The first problem is that after the ending cutscene of the arm disappearing finished, there were still 2 arms on the field attacking us; neither of which could take damage. The second problem, honestly the biggest one, was that the reward gem only dropped 2 meseta for the entire group of 12 people. No items dropped at all, not even a grinder. Just a single yellow crystal of 2 meseta. Just about everyone in the 12 man had all their boosts active in addition to the concert boost.

The second attempt at SH Obsidian Arms immediately after went much better, which virtually no teleporting around and hitbox shenanigans. Worth mentioning however is that the reward crystal did seemingly give much less than what it should, with only 1-2 rare items (7-8*) dropping for everyone. Unsure if this instance is a bug, intended, or just unlucky.

Seeing how the problems mostly cleared up in the second attempt it may have just been an odd occurence caused by the servers melting down, but I felt it should still be reported.