Guard Stance bug

The Hunter's Guard Stance skills "Guard Stance Poison" and "Guard Stance Burn" state they heal the conditions when Guard Stance is in use. However, currently, the skill has to be reactivated if it's already on to cleanse the statuses (which also has a slight delay between turning it off and back on again).

If not toggled, burn and poison will do damage to their full duration, even with Guard Stance active.

Same problem here, still not fixed

Looking at documentation from the JP swiki, it looks like this is the normal behavior. Basically, the wording is a bit odd and it means that it heals Burn/Poison when you "use" Guard Stance from your subpalette.

The problem is that i've tested guard stance on lava and didn't get burned, just damaged. The game decides if Guard Stance will work or not.

@VósMicêSama Standing in lava doesn't cause Burn (at least not with a very high chance if it does), it just does tick damage while you are in it. It is the fire jets that launch you can cause Burn with a high chance.

Those skills heal the status ailment, they don't prevent it.

Man, I tested ir for some time.

And I am giving you info from a source that has been around for a while. Plain and simple, those two Skills are not for preventing the status effects, they are for healing them by toggling Guard Stance; the official translation is off, as even the fan patch translates it as "Recover from poison/burn damage when activating Guard Stance," and there have been no changes to those skills from their initial implementation back in 2012.

Yeah, i understand what you said, but i can't just pretend i never tested it. I was using guard stance all time, never reactivating it, and did not matter if was it lava pool or fire jets, i didn't got burned, only damaged. Don't know if its something with the Burn level, stage, what caused the stat or something else, but that is a real thing.