Upvote/Downvote and Bookmarks tab on Profile

Please, give us the option to upvote/downvote posts and topics.

Also, add a bookmard tab on our profile so we have easy access to bookmarked posts.

Edit: Nevermind the bookmard thing. I just found it. Yet, we don't have a rating system. This would help on making important things more visible.

I wish I could upvote this post.

Ikr? lol

Noooo thank you.

The league of legends forum had this upvote/downvote system and it was just awful. It was often abused by bots and used as a weapon to start arguments and drama.

Example: Haha your thread about your opinion has negative 5 votes, you should feel bad and never come back to these forums ever again.

Yes I know the LoL community is toxic but I had seen the upvotes/downvotes be used as a weapon so many times it contributed more negativity tot he forum then it did positivity.