I can't start the launcher (even though I could before and didn't start repair) and it shows a loading bar under its icon (can't start it, does nothing) .


While browsing its files in "D:/Program Files/ModifiableWindowsApps" I could see that it removed all files but a few dlls and data folder,


It also added a new folder (which wasn't here before for sure, maybe it showed after the whole game downloaded) name "win32_na" which is filling VERY SLOWLY (in two hours it wrote 2.75GB) and the size of win_32 also decreased from 69GB to 54GB. I could also note that my disk usage was higher than usual, thanks to a process "wsappx".


Think it might be related to ppl that experienced game being not startable after a reboot (could be bc they shut down their PCs while this was running), I noticed that all the downloaded files were moved to "D:/WindowsApps/MutableBackup" (all executables are here).

It's taking a lot of time, don't know why it is so slow to write, I hope I can play soon.

EDIT: Now it removed everything and the game is back to 11GB and freed up some space, still can't load game though. Thx Microsoft and your shitty store