No User?

I managed to download, i managed to get in, but when i'm in the main menu, nothing works. Pressing enter or tab does nothing when apparently it's supposed to open a pop-up.

You need Gaming Services installed from the MS Store, probably even the XBOX Console Companion.

@Ragnawind I have both it seems.

i have all the xbox apps I can get the sign in to come up but it fails and I cant get past that

having the same issue here, its asking me to login but it loops back to login again

For those having issues with log-in, do you login to your computer with a Microsoft Account or a Local Account and is it an Administrator Account. It seems the game requires you to log-in to your computer with a Microsoft Account and it must be an Administrator on the computer, as well.

@Ragnawind Im using a microsoft account and it is an administrator account i get this when I hit lets play

In my case, i don't get anything, and yes, it's a Microsoft account as Admin. It's like whatever app is supposed to activate simply doesn't.

@Ephemiel do you have the xbox identity provider app?

@Jasonthewise2 said in No User?:

@Ephemiel do you have the xbox identity provider app?

Yeah, i have all that. I assume it IS the Identity Provider not activating that is the problem.

@Ephemiel Might sound odd but after reading your post about the pop up I tried disabling my pop control on firefox and it finally allowed me to log in. I used the tweaker also when it was loading up instead of what I usually do to skip the cut scenes clicking it just pressed enter until the screen showed up 🤷 hope it helps. Update only managed to run it once IDK what i did but it works wil keep trying

@Ephemiel in the windows settings >gameing >xbox network > try clicking fix it .. "its a shot in the dark but maybe.. "