Hope some can help me here xD I could download the Launcher yesterday but only several hundreds of MB and then it failed. Since then i tried everything possible to bring it back to download but nope nothing. Im getting the error: 0x8007065E the thing is, i can download every other game from the shit store except from Pso2

Pls find a solution for all these problems or you will lose much player cuz of the shit store 😞 we waited 8 years and now... Many PC players ar not able to play the game.

i tried to start the game with an external Launcher from someone who uploaded his files https://forum.pso2.com/topic/3236/i-gave-up-but/20

there was so problem with updating, starting and deleting the files but... yeah here comes the but.... you cant get passt the "Press enter Key to start the game" screen cuz there is no acc. and you cant switch accounts 😞

Hope we can get a statemant from the Officials here what they want to do about this and an update whats going on.