Has anyone tried to get this game working on a mac through parallels? I have been close. I got the game installed with most of the windows updates done. However, I keep running into Game Guard related errors. Namely the NP1013 error that hits early on while I am doing character creation. I tried many things; fresh install of the game, fresh install of my OS, white listing folders, running as admin, deleting the gg folder, etc etc.

This error seems to come about with other programs that cause it so I can compile a crash log. However, I tried updating windows to the latest and restarting and after that it messed up my virtual computer. So I will have to re-install fresh.

My point though is to see if anyone else has gotten this game working fine through parallels. If so, then it seems some other program is making gg act up for me. If not, I suspect gg given how sensitive it is, doesn't like parallels. I just want to know if its worth continuing to try or if its known that this wont work through parallels.