Questions about Trading + Item Scratches

Hello there, I've recently started playing PSO2 and I had a few questions regarding Trading and the Item Scratch system, as you could probably guess by the title of the thread.

1.) How does trading work between two characters? Do both characters need premium to trade, or does only one character need it?

2.) Can you trade cosmetic items gained from scratch between players? Or can they only be traded on the market?

3.) Is it true that you to claim one free item from the list when you complete 30 scratches from the same scratch? Or do you just get another free try at the scratch?

Thank you for your time and assistance!

  1. Both players need to be Premium.

  2. Anything that can be put in your Personal Shop can be traded directly with another player.

  3. Yes, you receive a special ticket that allows you to pick an item directly from the scratch; this ticket can only be used on the scratch you received it from.

All that said, a Premium player can gift items to non-Premium players through the use of gift boxes, which can be purchased from the FUNporium; you can place the gift box in the other player's Personal Quarters, and then you are given the option to put an item or meseta in it (assuming they have space for it to be placed).