External Launcher wont work too

Hi, for all (if even one except me and my brother ) who couldn't download the Launcher from the shit store, i was testing if it possible to play the game via an external Launcher.


here has someone uploadet his Launcherfiles and i tested it. There were no issues at all, download no problem, update no problem even starting the game was no problem but.... yeah here comes the but.... you can't get past the start screen cuz you cant enter/switch acc. : ( so i deleted the whol thing again... without issues xD yeah even deleting was no problem.

Maybe this would be a solution if we can enter an acc. insteat a connectet one with the shit store 😞 One of the Officials here can you talk to your higher ups for a solution like this?

I did say in another post similar to these before that mirrored launchers won't work because it requires validation with MS Store to let you in and obviously the method that JP servers use is not available mirror files are just a waste of time to get

The Officials could just implement a normal Login instead this shit store shit. -_- Just Login with micrsoft acc. or what ever and password. like every normal game too.

Steam ... account + Pw BattleNet... account + pw EpicGames... account + pw

pso.... some shit store account connection what ever it is xD