I can't even begin to believe all these problems.

The game sometimes uninstalls itself, the game refuses to run, the permissions seem to be wrong at times, errors that seem to boil down to "you didn't download it right". In mine and many others's cases, we're finally able to reach the main menu, but no pop-up happens and we're stuck there. At times the entire game seems to download AGAIN.

I expected problems because of the Microsoft store, but how in the world has it been so insane?

I went through hoops to unstinall the game. But since I loved PSO2 a lot, with many fond memories, I went to reinstall again to give it another chance. I got the launch to work, logged in, and played a bit. Then it deleted itself when my computer shut off.

At least the error is consistent, granted it sucks immensely. Hopefully since it's basically the same across the board for other players experiencing it at this point, they'll be able to pinpoint the issue. I find it quite odd how they chose to release it last second and allow for this to happen though. That said, I guarantee that they are aware of it at this point, and I'd even argue to check their twitter because sadly it's the only way they seem to be communicating at the moment.

Their silence is DEAFENING!

@Reo said in I can't even begin to believe all these problems.:

Their silence is DEAFENING!

So glad I didn't buy anything yet.