Game wouldn't boot, Couldn't uninstall but can install again?

So I got the game running yesterday. But I ran into a bug where if you open the launcher and than exit, the game would not boot anymore. I restarted my PC and still would not start. Tried repairing but just endless loading. Also tried terminate and reset. Nothing.

Ultimately I tried deleting the game and reinstalling it. The game would not delete. I left it for about an hour and it just kept loading.

I gave up and shut the system down. Tried again this morning and game still would not start. Icon was there but you click it and nothing happens.

Wen't to Microsoft store and I noticed it said to Install. Which I though was strange. So, I clicked it. The game installed fast. And now the game starts. But it wants to install that huge file again.

My PC had 92 Gb of free space yesterday when I was playing PSO2. But, with this new file being reinstalled it's taking up even more. I stopped it when my SSD got to 70GB. Because I knew something was off. I need help.

I had the same problem after i patched the game it wouldnt launch, you click play and nothing, no error mesages just zilch. i restarted it as well tried again today and same. So I tried to uninstall it and i couldn't. Game deleted itself though i found in program files a folder called modifiableapps inside that folder was a folder called pso2bin which was 54.4 gigs id read on here about deleting that and tried to it didnt seem able to but then it deleted itself and the launcher app and i got all my ssd space back.

Should I wait for a official fix?

I just wanted my SSD space back so i tried to get rid of what is for lack of a better term a virus microsoft downloaded on my computer. Also so far as I know there has been no statement about any of this so I'm not holding out hopes.

I have also had the same issue. I was in the game when it crashed and went to a black screen. When I restarted my PC and tried to launch the game it would not respond. I clicked the un-install several times but it did not respond, so I restarted my PC and then re-downloaded the game only for it to crash again after I went to load my character from the ship screen. I restarted my PC yet again and clicked the un-install button several times. After re-donloaded the game I noticed I was out of space on my solid state drive. It appears that the game installed every time but the uninstall did not remove the game and filled up my SSD. I did not even notice this until after the 5th cycle of me doing a re-install. I started out with almost 200GB of free space and now I have almost no space left 400gb/465 got about 64gb left now....