Changing Mag Form at Tier 3

Well just like the title say, anyway, i was planning to go full Melee stats with my mag, before i realize that i might want to change around my sub class to braver/bouncer or even phantom when its release later just so i wont get bored playing braver/hunter all the time, so i was like, might as well just dump the rest on dex. But i was too late and it reach 100 with strike still higher and i end up with delphinus. Do i still have a chance of reverting this form into something else or am i stuck with delphinus?

You cannot get your Mag to a pre-level 100 state, but every Photon Blast, Auto-attack, Special Action, and most Support Actions can be purchased from the ExCube Shop, so essentially it is just an aesthetic thing at the point you are at. Additionally, there are Appearance Devices that you can obtain to change your Mag's appearance.

That said, you typically want to have a pure Mag since you get more benefit from it than a hybrid Mag, especially when it comes to equipping Weapons (in fact, there are many high end weapons that cannot be equipped if you don't have a pure Mag, even on the JPN server). You can remove levels from a lv100+ Mag with the Mag Level Down Device which can be purchased for 5 ExCubes a piece.

Ahh, Gotcha, well i dont mind the looks, i guess i just grab the PB from the shop then, but the level down thing only work with Mag of level 100 above right? So meaning i cant get those stats lower enough below level 100 then, correct?

@LegaultCriez Yes they only work when the Mag is lv100+. Typically what people do to fix a Mag is first get it all the way to lv200, then start using the Level Down Devices.

Welp, guess i better start working then, thanks! Just gotta max my class and get the excube grind going, full dex it is!