Well, i hope they're working on a solution for this launcher issue, i really enjoy the game, it is one of the best MMO for me. i'm sad because i fixed my entire schedule to play this game, but after 24h of trying to make it work, i give up. i'll only come back after they remove the game from the microsoft store, because it is the microsoft store and the permission from it that is making the game unplayable.

PSO2 team could give more information regarding the things they're working on, it has been 24h and there is no official notice anywhere about this incident, i expected more from them.

Well guys/girls, the ones that are playing the game, enjoy it for me, one day i might be able to join you guys on this amazing game. i've waited 8 years, i can wait a little longer.

Just another information, my cousin who lives like 5minutes from my home made the game work, but his solution is not working for me. his solution was pretty confusing, so i'm not able to share it here. also if you remove the Microsoft store from the folder, you can oper the JP version without any issue, so the issue is the login between microsoft store and the game, if they remove this middle part, the game will work properly for everyone.

That's it for me, hope you guys are enjoying the game and i really hope that the PSO2 is working on a solution to fix this problem.