Launcher keeps installing when I restart my computer

I dont know why it is doing this, it just keeps happening this is my third time fully installing the game and its just very confusing and very frustrating because I don't know where this data is being installed to anymore either

C:\Program Files\ModifiableWindowsApps is where you'll find the main files.

The problem for most people is being caused by the backups in C:\Program Files\WindowsApps

You'll find junk folders with "oyxna" in the name somewhere as well as Mutable and MutableBackup.

Unfortunately you'll have to jump through some hoops regarding permissions to delete those, assuming your Windows will cooperate with you at all since some people aren't having any lucky. There's a few threads on the issue like this one with some instructions on what to do:

@Obviously223 I appreicate the input I deleted those junk files but the game is still making me reinstall itself everytime I restart my computer

Yeah it's happening to a lot of us and there there's been no fix yet. Some people are saying they've had luck with disabling UAC before installing and leaving it off.

I've got a similar issue. I've installed the game and downloaded the required game files and was able to launch the game immediately after. Upon restarting my computer, the game files moved in one instance and I was unable to play the game. The second time I reset the original game files from Microsoft Store and then proceeded to redownload all the files again. Was able to run the game immediately after download, but upon resetting my machine, the launcher would not open.

I downloaded the game again. Clicked play and it started installing again