Xbox One X screenshots?

Xbox One X in 4k... It was spectacular.

alt text

@Crowza yes I played in the one x too


@Geordie-P said in Xbox One X screenshots?:

The ONE/S is NOT a 4k device. Even the ONE/X isnt that great at screenshots/ video clips.

How are you actually getting these to upload to XBL in the first place? All footage I have of the CBT is locked out of the upload studio etc.

You can't upload to XBL right now because the game isn't in the directory for some reason. Upload it to your One Drive and download it on your PC. That's what I do.

I can't upload the normal file size because it exceeds what the forum allows but mine seems fine. phantasy star.jpg


I see a slight difference between the screenshot from my S and your X. Lol

The game already has quite a few graphics options you an customise, i wouldnt mind lowering if not turning off things like shadows, anti ailiasing and such to increase Anisotropic filtering and drawdistence I think that would help a lot for people playing on Xbox One and Xbox One S


Sure, it all sounds good on paper but I tried messing with every setting imaginable, unfortunately nothing seemed to work.

The game doesnt have any chageable Anisotropic filtering options (Or anything along the same lines) I used to play it on PC on my old Potato of a PC, only way it didnt look worse than it does on basic Xbox was due to upping the resolution (to 1440x900... ah the olden days) and forcing Anisotropic filtering through my graphics card, it got rid of most of the same issues we are getting now.

So if any DEVs are paying attention... may be an idea to see if something like that is possible