Allow for ENG text to utilize the JP font

Hello, and congratulations on NA PC release!

As the title says, I would love to see the NA release allow for the use of the font that JP utilizes. For those who have swapped to using the JP text (or who have played on the JP version itself) you can see that it's a much bulkier, easier to read font in both JP and ENG.

Despite the size increase options for the NA-only ENG font, I know many people still have issues reading the text itself as it is very narrow and thin and coupled with some of the backgrounds the text is on, it makes it difficult for those who already have vision problems to read the text. Likewise, it's quite difficult for streamers who are doing story to show their viewers the text because of this.

I would love for there to be a toggle between the fonts in NA, so I hope it will be considered! Thank you.

Count me in for supporting this suggestion, too!