Complimenting Rappy?

I just saw someone on Ship03 in chat saying nice things about Rappy while playing Rappy Slot, does this increase your chances of winning? Or maybe Rappy will jump down to change the reels more? I got a lot of notifications that they won big.

There is no such mechanic. This sounds like the a "hold down and B to increase your chance of catching the Pokemon" or "when I wear my lucky jersey, my team wins" type of thing.

@AndrlCh What are you talking about? Rappy is best bird that is great at playing dead. Rappy are smart and know the slots. Praise be to the rappy race lol. In all honesty though, they probably are trying to do something sort of like saying Encore during concerts. Never heard of such a mechanic in the casino though.

The odds of rappy slots are chosen at random after maintenance per machine. The odds can change at random every so often after. Just keep trying different machines.