after a struggle downloading and updating the game, i was fianlly able to launch it and play it. However I randomly get this error code:


I already tried deleting the GameGuard folder, and the launcher download new GameGuard files, but i still have the same problem.

I have no antivirus installed, only windows defender.

I know how to get the dump files, i just need to know where to upload them so i can get a resolution.

Still same issues

What a piece of crap software. This is just as bad/worse than DRM thats only effect is to hurt customers.

I'm having the same issue. Running Windows inside Parallels Desktop, and NP1013 happens after about 30 - 60 seconds of execution.

  • No key-mapping tools.
  • No extra utilities.
  • Steam has been turned off.
  • PSO2 permissions have been fixed.
  • Tweaker's "fix GameGuard" has been ran.
  • All the coherence utilities of Parallels have been disabled.
  • Steam has been disabled.
  • Game has redownloaded fresh copies of assets.
  • Bare Windows Enterprise-based instillation (Version up from Pro)
  • Latest stable Windows build
  • DEP enabled
  • No third party antivirus
  • Microsoft Power Toys has been uninstalled.
  • Community GameGuard patch has been attempted

This is maddening. No game should have this many problems…

Currently trying to install the game VIA the tweaker instead, in hopes its installation is more stable. This is infuriating,