Communication issues

Is it just me or, thousands of new players are having issues with download and installing the game, it's been more than 24 hours since the release and I have yet to find a single message from their company regarding this matter? Not even a "we are looking into this" or anything at all. I reallly wanted to try this game and give it a chance, but game devs who ignore the community is never a good sign at all. Am i missing something? Have they posted a message somewhere? I cannot find anything on their twitter, forums, main website

They're completely MIA. You gotta remember that the Game Masters who talk to us are just outsourced PR people who talk to the team in Japan. I haven't seen anyone but Deynger say anything and what be said was limited to he took notes and forwarded them. So yeah, I wouldn't ever expect any kind of solid communication from them.

That's sad.. I don't wanna sound entitlted or anything but when a bug prevents half(probly more)of the player base to play the game, I would expect a sense of urgency even if we are dealing with a third party. Just a quick announcement would prevent people from wasting hours trying to fix these bugs to no avail, not even talking about all the bandwith and waste of data usage redownloading the game as it delete itself at some point..