How to best play Fighter?

As title suggests. How to best play Fighter class? Weapons? Skills?

However you feel is best. Fighter sub Hunter is a common build because it lets you just stand in front of the enemy and wail away on it. Even with the hunter sub, you are not overly tanky.

Knuckles are great for a bruiser style. Twin Daggers are great at juggling single smaller enemies and they have a nice ranged Skill Twin Saber is just fun. I don't use it enough to know if its great.

Double Saber lets you become a walking aoe of death with it's focus. It's pretty fun and is extremely strong on more stationary enemies. Twin Daggers are fun for pretending the entire floor is lava and chasing bosses that refuse to stand still.

For Knuckles its all about knowing your invincibility frames for your sways and photon arts. Not only does it feel badass and awesome to i-Frame through things, but it lets you stick to your target for damage uptime. You should also know when you can be offensive and when to play defensive.

Knuckles is also fun to play on controller since I feel like I'm playing a beat them up and it feels better to weapon action i-frame stuff lol.

Using all weapons situationally was what i found to be best/most fun when i played on JP, knuckles when i wanna hit hard, TDs when i wanna hit multiple times and just dance in the air, DS for just annihilating mobs

Just don't do what I do and fly around with a gunblade.