First of all, if you ain't a techy savvy as I am download "TakeOwnershipEX".

When you succesfully download the game from the Microsoft store you are gonna open the software you just downloaded (TakeOwnershipEX).

You are going to navigate through the directories and reclaim rights for the full folder of WindowsApp. fix1.png

After reclaiming that one, next step is to reclaim oxyna folder. fix2.png

Then you will reclaim Mutable folder. fix3.png

From here you will be able to open and succesfully start patching the game, but it will be most likely that you will need to reclaim at least 2 more files.

RTF and the pso.exe. You will follow the exact same steps when the launcher asks you to verify if they are in "read-only" mode.

The RFT and .exe are the exact same Mutable folder.


From there you should be able to download and patch everything correctly. Although a little bit slow? fix4.jpg

Hope this helps somebody else.