Naming terms of Stats/Attributes

Weak bullet = Blight Rounds.

@Cathy As far as I can see, in role playing games strength is an attribute given solely to melee classes for attacks and damage. STR measures physical power. I thought it would work because when I see STR I think about melee damage from weapons that aren't magical. I thought strike meant something akin to strength. Strike is used to calculate melee damage, I thought. So, if someone were to confuse the two, it wouldn't matter in a sense because strike and strength is similar in definition. Both words have to do with melee damage.

@Harriet I'd agree if we were talking about those other RPG's but in PSO2 the character attribute "Melee Power" and the Weapon Potency "Melee Power" despite being different things, share the same name (probably to simplify the stat display but it ends up being confusing on a few game mechanics). Other RPG's usually go Character Attribute "Strength" and Weapon Potency "Attack", "Blade Damage" or "Blunt Damage" etc. A sword having X amount of Strength just looks weird. Does my character become super buff by equipping it?

In that regard Strike Power / Melee Power make more sense. Also if we were to name it Strength then We would have to change Ranged Power to Dexterity (confusing the already existing Dex stat) andTech Power would need to be called Intelligence. Both stats suffering from the same "Do i get smarter by holding this?" issue.

@Cathy I'm not sure what you're going on about. I never said to call the attribute strength, but strike and str as the short form. If it's ambiguous then a description of the term should be there in the tutorial or in the manual like the other attribute descriptions. I said, if someone were to confuse the word for strength it wouldn't cause harm because it has to do with physical damage. Weapons are a slightly different story. I was talking about the character attribute.

@Harriet Oh my bad but see this is what i mean. Strike isn't the first thing that comes to my mind then I read STR. They should've just leave it at S-ATK or S-Power. S-Power is even exactly the same amount of characters long as Mel-Pwr and S-ATK is even shorter than that.

@Cathy I agree that they should have kept it as it was originally. I'm happy that they changed the name of the summoner's weapon from tatk to something else, because I was confused at first when I was researching the class.


Negative, both were changed.