So I downloaded pso2 today, I made sure I had the latest version of windows and I made sure that my computer is up to snuff with specs and I pretty much pass all the results. I even made sure the game was under the exceptions list for my windows firewall. The first time I booted up the game I made it all the way into the title screen once I pressed enter the game booted me out no message nothing. All the other times after you would see the game shield box pop up not fully load and doesn't even load the game after pressing game start. I think it falls under the same issues that players in Aion have due to it being a windows 10 issue. The solution is usually dumb down the games compatibility to windows 8 however you cant do that with this mmo because its under a locked folder in the winapp folder. one which for some reason no matter how hard i try cannot force permission to gain access to this folder. So at this point i am out of ideas and either need help or need the devs to fix this issue plz help.