Error when Downloading PSO2-(0x409) (0x80070422) Fixed

@TbnExotia said in Error when Downloading PSO2-(0x409) (0x80070422) Fixed:

@ChainLis i tried the tweaker after i installed the external launcher. tewaker wants the pso2_bin which i just created in the very same folder like tweaker was and it worked this far but then it wont work without this shit of store connection >.<

Don't install the game into the Tweaker folder. it should be on your C drive. When installed on the C drive it should be like C:\PHANTASYSTARONLINE2 <=this is the folder it will create when installing.

@ChainLis if i use the external launcher it wont be listed in programm and features or CCleaner so it is not rly an instalation ... i dont know but all this shit its just shit -_-

they should finally give us a solution. cant belive it that they didnt test it befor launch...

@TbnExotia i'll try the tweaker from Arks-Layer for the NA version and see if i get any errors.

i try it this way now.... created on my D drive a PHANTASYSTARONLNE2 folder in which i create the Pso2_bin in which i now install the Launcher. after this i start the tweaker wich i install in the PHANTASYSTARONLINE2 Folder. xD i know this is for nothing but i give it a shot.

I don't think it'll work. you need to to launch the game through the MS Store. Since tweaker wont launch it.

ill see it in several minutes xD tweaker starts with filecheck.