Error when Downloading PSO2-(0x409) (0x80070422) Fixed

I'm not sure what kinda of error code you guys may have, but this is my fix when I get an error when trying to click Install. Might able to help for those that has an error when try to download the game. Step 0 PSO2NADownloadError.png

Make sure you can "Sign in" into "Xbox Console Companion". If you can't. Do the following steps for a fix. Step 0.png

In the Search Bar type in "Services" and "Run as Admin" Scroll down till you see all the "Xbox services" and make sure they are not Disable. If they are, enable them all by "Right Click" and go to "Properties". Then on "Startup Type" select "Automatic" click "Apply" and "Start". then close the window for that service you just enabled. Do this for all the "Xbox services". Step 2 EnableXboxServices.png

In the Search Bar type in "System Configuration" and "Run as Admin" Select the Services Tab and scroll down till you see all the "Xbox services". Make sure all those Services are ✓. Then click "Apply" and Close the window. Step 4 Checked Services.png

Go to Microsoft Store and see if you can Download the game. Step 4 End.png

Sadly doesn't work for me

@AdamLelouche Are you able to login to Microsoft store/download PSO2?

@ChainLis it errors at 100%

did you click on [Detail] when it error out? wat was the error code?

@ChainLis It's one that's been posted here and on reddit and on MS support itself. Code: 0x80070003

And yes, I've tried everything possible including what MS support staff have all mentioned. They no longer offer any communication to help with this issue.

@AdamLelouche From what I read it could be your DLL registration issue.

On Search Bar type "Command Prompt" and open as Administrator.

Copy this onto the Command Prompt

powershell -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register 'c:\program files\windowsapps*\AppxManifest.xml'

and hit Enter.

Wait for a while till its finished and type


Then Restart your computer for it to take affect.

@ChainLis That would be one thing i haven't tried yet lol. But I'll give it a try on my lunch break since I'm working right now. Appreciate the response ❤

@ChainLis still same error sadly 😞

Update: I got it to download and it's currently installing. I recommend the discord the NA troubleshooting pins helped me piece it together. was like 4 issues combined and i had to do it in a weird order but it's working now for the install. at 15% already.

doesnt work...the xbox service wasn´t running but after set it to run...doesn´t work.

@HoDKenji What was the issues/errors by the way? Can you Sign in to [Xbox Console Companion]?

@ChainLis we can login the xbox companion app, store, xbox page itselfe, here on the site but if we try to download the launcher we get 0x80070065E

for my part, i tried everything possible to fix it but nothing helped. so we have to wait for a solution from the officials like i suggseted here about a method with extern download link + a normal login method ( acc. + pw) or for the Arks-Layer team to come up with a work around for those who even cant download the shit from the shit store

Should try Arks-Layers for the NA version. If you are able to Sign in to Xbox Console Companion. You should Download the game from there.

@ChainLis i tried the tweaker after i installed the external launcher. tewaker wants the pso2_bin which i just created in the very same folder like tweaker was and it worked this far but then it wont work without this shit of store connection >.<