MS Store Error 0x80070005

First I could install the game without problems then after patching and verifying files the patcher had no access to some files in a folder. Windows locked me out of that folder and I was unable to uninstall the game. After some time I found a workaround and deleted the game.

Today I tried to reinstall from MS Store and the store throws error 0x80070005 at me. Yeah I think I'm done till the Steam release.

Ye exactly same thing is for me

@donpadre01 Wait what steam release

the moste simple solution for the game i guess would be a steam release... i mean look how MANY ppl got problems. In my case, i cant even download the Launcher from the shit store... my only option left is if someone upload the Launscher somewhere to download it external otherwhise ill never be able to play the game. But hey, if SEGA dont want my money ok .I.(^.^).I.

I was only able to play last night for an hour and I was fine. I logout go to bed and today I tried to get back into the game and NOTHING!!! I spent money on this game this is crazy.......