my game wont open affter resetting my pc

i got the error "Phantasy Star Online 2 can’t open because it is offline. The storage device might be missing or disconnected." i was just playing it...and the icon for it have grayed out pso2 error.PNG

how do i fix this

I have the same issue

I got the same issue right now. Bump

Is the game installed to the C drive or another one. The game seems to have a lot of issues if you don't install it on the OS hard drive.

The game likes to delete some crucial files whenever a computer gets rebooted, so you end up with a bunch of dead files you have to manually remove to not lose 70 or so gigs. THEN you have to redownload/install. It's a disgusting problem that is currently present with the store/PsO2 interaction.

Yeah.. same problem now 😕

Hello lads! After just encountering a problem where my game turn black with sound on background "Thx to the Tweaker ver. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THAT UPDATE!!!". I manage to play, but had to close it and reboot my PC. Welp guess what? Same problem you're having right now. When I search into the files, I've notice a lot of them dissapeared and my game turn to miss around 3 Go of data. With the help of the Tweaker ver., i was able to fix it with the troubleshooting "NEW METHOD". Yet, do not open the Tweaker after that or risk a problem until they fix the tweaker who's killing the exe. file with the new version.

Hope you can play the game soon enough! Good luck :)!

Will they fix this? im really thinking about ditching this game but it's so good i really don't want to.

Dont think its a ditch situation, if we waited so long i guess we can wait a bit longer.. just hope they dont forget us


How do I manually delete the files? I re-downloaded the game like 5 times now because of crashes and noticed that I was out of space on my SSD, I used to have over 200gb free space before I downloaded this game the first time. What should I do, it seems some of the files stay on the computer even after I uninstall the game....


When you uninstall the game, windows only removes the 11G installer. What was downloaded with the game patcher; the actual game files, stay on your machine. As for where those files are, it depends on which drive you installed on. If it's a separate one from your windows drive, removing the WindowsApps folder content on that drive would take care of majority of the dead file. However, IF IT IS ON YOUR C DRIVE, DO NOT DELETE YOUR WindowsApps FOLDER AS YOU'LL DELETE FILES NEEDED TO RUN YOUR PC. In that case, you have to manually get permissions to even touch anything. Then you need to find MSIXVC, Mutable and MutableBackup folders and remove the dead PsO2 related files. Some are also found in your ModifiableWindowsApps folder if your uninstall dint scrub them all off.

@Talamis1 Be very careful about deleting those folders. I tried it earlier today and it destroyed the app store on my PC. Even giving yourself those permissions can mess with the files.