Game Does Not Uninstall The ENTIRE Game When Uninstalling And Makes A Duplicate When Reinstalling Using Up More Space

As the title says the entire game does not uninstall when uninstalling the game and if you try and reinstall it, it makes a duplicate causing even MORE space to be used up. I tried the windowsapp method but I can only find the launcher "oxyna" folder which is only 11 gigs compared to the ENTIRE 60+ gig game which I cannot find anywhere.

If anyone can help me with this please do but thanks to the horrid microsoft store essentially turning this great game into malware I might just go over to the Japanese version. It really sucks because I cant import my character over to there and have to restart all over from scratch.

@Andalla The remaining 60 gigs of files are in a folder labelled pso2_bin, which is located in Program Files > ModifiableWindowsApps

@Milkie-Mouse Thank you for this. really helped me out 😀 👍

@Andalla Just be careful when messing around with these files. The Windows store messes with folder permissions and basically takes them away from you, forcing you to rip ownership of them back so you can properly alter or delete them if necessary. This is causing scores of issues with several users, including the game uninstalling itself or duplicating itself into clone folders on other drives.

The duplicate files are located in C/D folder called "Mutablebackup". You can't see it as it is hidden. Use a free program like TreeSize Free to see it.

In the TreeSize Free program, locate the file. Click the subfolders of Mutablebackup and set yourself as the owner on every single folder under it, not individual files. Folders will do as long as it's not Mutablebackup itself. After you set yourself as the owner, give yourself full access to these subfolders. Then you can delete the extra space.

PS: You have to enable "Hidden Items". To do that, click "View" on "This PC" or as the oldies knows it, "My Documents".

Hope this helps.

@Hecyna I just found it right before I saw your post.


FOUR BACKUPS!unknown (5).png

@Andalla Unfortunately, that's going to happen every time you restart. It's a common problem among PC users right now and no one knows how to fix it.

Until the devs address it, I don't think there's any way to stop it.

@Milkie-Mouse I uninstalled the game and removed the whole backup folder. are you saying its just going to reinstall all of that again?

@Andalla If you install the game again, yes.

It's a travesty, I know. A friend of mine has sworn off the game because it keeps doing that to him too.

@Milkie-Mouse ah well thats not a problem then cause im just gonna play it on xbox from now on for NA and hop ship over to the japan server most likely

Tried that but still no permission after giving self access, fun times microsoft lol