Chiffon Ribbon: Black accessory movement

Please fix this accessory. Trying to adjust the position with size and angle just makes it fly off the head, while the position option barely moves it an inch making it impossible to adjust the position. Please increase the range for position.

The angle radius has to be made smaller. The radius makes the ribbons ! alt text alt text

As you can see on the picture if you make the angle on blue max it goes way off the head, but putting red on min to bring it down barely does anything. This is not only for these settings, all the positional settings for this ribbon are barely moving the ribbon, while the angles and size move it too much. The whole issue can be solved if the positions had an increased distance. Please implement a fix for this.

If I put the angle for blue option slightly off center, the green bar cannot even bring it close enough to the head even at max setting. alt text alt text