Hey devs i know you have been busy with your updates and patches on xbox one and all that but i just wanted to say having a download on your store is kinda a bad idea and maybe do it on your pso2 website could be better, so for those all around the world having issue's here are some of mine that you need to keep in mind

  1. when i try to download some of the files goes missing and it would take up 2 hours at best for the whole thing to get back on track
  2. when i booted up the game i get nothing going but for some reason the game is still running in the background and i can't access launcher until i have to force quit it
  3. make sure to have your pc in your settings be up to date right away, yes you may not have a up to date system without realizing it To help with that here is a simple way to do it [step 1 go to settings on your pc, step 2 type in search "update" step 3 do a check for updates to make sure you have at least the current one, step 4 finally download and install update 1909 simple] also devs i know this maybe a bit harsh for wear but fix your launcher/download page otherwise there will be more problems that will continue to develop just a word of advice for good reason